Timescapes of Rupture

Timescapes of rupture

when everyday life is ruptured nothing stays the same:
daily routines, rhythms, tempi, timings, sequences
even change itself takes on a different quality
past, present and future are reassessed
the past becomes more precious, the future less certain
with a sudden life-altering illnesses, loss or disasters
nothing stays unchanged, daily life is up-ended
blurred are the contours of what is to come
routines have to be altered & new rhythms established
with old patterns of doing things no longer working
the taken-for-granted is in need of revaluation
everything is up for unsettling questioning
the disturbance enfolds both threats and opportunities
it comprises the promise of new paths opening up
is experienced as devastating change or loss
is pregnant with inconceivable potential
connections & previously invisible interdependencies
become apparent and begin to be appreciated
enabling new relations of care & concern
altering the social beyond recognition
guarded boundaries of conventions, traditions & habits
are breached; once porous they become moveable
new vistas are opening up, magically showing
most past impossibilities as possibilities

© Barbara Adam, 141120
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