S: What do we bring forward?

T: What can we reach for?

S: Is it a what or a when or a need?

T: Is this all of it or is there more, so?

S: I like to know, that there’s always more…

T: Is the seperation permanent?

S: Can we know how distinct these can remain?

T: How do we value the reorganisation without co-ordination?

S: Is it ever about identity or can we move on before we know how it really feels?

T: Do new orientations need the flavour of the old ones or not?

S: Are there rules that work in every context?

T: How can we live the context and apraise it less?

S: Living in the present used to work more…

T: Stillness and slowly moving to the centre of things

S: When momentum smells different with each gesture…

T: Entangled in string connection

S: We might look to share different spaces differently

T: Rubbing against the jagged edge

S: I gotta get me some of that action

T: Still against the kinetic hum

S: Find flow with letting go

T: Rupture animates

S: Rupture Awakes

T: Rupture is real

S: At what point does rupture become something else?

T: At what point do we know?

S: Why do we care?

T: What’s gained?

S: Why do I emulate certain artists?

T: Is this a poem about rupture?

  • Tim Fisher & seth oliver 23/11/20
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