T – Whatever leadership is it needs to change
S – Responsibility is immediacy and ability to respond without feter

T – How dare you yourself.
S – Where’s my nose

T – You can’t lineariZe your nose it has two circular nostrils.
The emphasis on the word lineariZe is not even warranted

S – Who started listening to themselves first?
T – Someone has an invention that will save the world that they neglected to finish

S – Where are your shoes? I fixed them last time…. and now you say they’ve gone
T – I feel most responsible in my half waking dreams and the feelings I find there
when I’m awake the world can burn and I ignore it

S – What is this lucid action you speak of? What do the tools of the darkness’ essence feel like to touch
T – I picked up a telescope and rolled it across my knee

S – When we know our tools as well as our body parts they’re no longer extensions of us
T – The habits of my life are mine I am not theirs

S – To live out what matters truly in us, draws you and me nearer,
to our shared uniqueness and some uncut spirituality
T – Whatever change there is it can lead to leadership

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