S: How strong is the promise of tomorrows forgiveness?
T: Suddenly recognising that which others might see

S: Where keys are cut loose
T: Resistance actually.

S: How intimately can we ever know growth
T: Trees are tangled entities you look at them with love. We’re sat at desks, its not that special really

S: I think I’m seeking your shadows marrow to mix with my bad luck
T: I hear that. Once upon a time and you and your beautiful kind

S: I lived a real fairytale in the back of an ambulance without a siren and got more blood than pain from your broken traffic light donation
T: So lets explore and look at your samples hessian wool polyester examples

S: You’re welcome to touch, but looking is not for now
T: Thanks messy importance

S: How would you make our mould without any materials?
T: Continuing struggles. Socially approved.

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