Patience is
being able to wait
an active holding back
curtailing your (re)actions
and impulses for future benefit
denying yourself reward in present
It is considered rather than spontaneous
often against own motivations and/or desires
in relation to later positive changes or results:
imagined, hoped for, expected or assured
It requires practice as it is not a given
and relies on some predictability
of processes & social relations
as a basic foundation for
a chosen or required
conscious decision
to be patient
For a patient
patience is imposed
Illness, body & medics set
pace, rhythm and goal regardless
of desire, motivation, choice & decision
In a pandemic all are potential global patients
having to be patient without predictable outcomes
This future is both threatening & unknowable
patience is directed but into darkness
Trust, hope & compliance are key
as are vaccines for all of us
before a new beginning
becomes possible
with patience

© Barbara Adam
13 April 21
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