Ordering Disordering

mutually defining
as every ordering is also
creating disorders elsewhere
Ordering makes future predictable
while disordering has the opposite effect
And yet
could disordering also increase predictability
or is its futuring a purely negative process?
To recognise disordering as such, entails
knowing the past and extending it to
the not yet of an unfulfilled future
which holds terror and hopes
Entropy is fundamental to
both social ordering
and disordering
in the environment
politics & the economy
Materialised in space and
extending over all time, both are
imagined and anticipated processes
made and regulated to variable effects
with vastly different impacts on our lives
And yet
they are mutually implicating & defining
The built environment aids memories of
futures that are knowable and assured
until  a disaster strikes and flips  order
into  its  opposite: unsettling  security
to produce insecurity & vulnerability
while  deliberate disordering is also
essential for opening up spaces to
be a catalyst for  transformation
in  the order-disorder relation
entailed in all future making    
© Barbara Adam
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