S: I can hear the absurdity of a cry in a court room
T: Splash it Thank you for believing me

S: How can one concept feel so divine and ugly together?
T: Nodules stick fast we try to tease the earl grey

S: Chaos plays its part in shaping the centre way more than any of my organs
T: If I could dream it I would swipe one two three four rat a tat tat

S: I’m not sure what ever became of us and our designs without the discipline learnt from the tenderness of an orchestras limbs when the the conductor goes on strike without warning
T: I wandered about a bumblebee

S: I asked for beans on toast and you gave me chips
T: You’re worse than I am – you’re not actually though

S: When did value judgements become part of this process?
T: I reached out to touch your forehead it was marble Has anyone gone anywhere different on the marble surfaces?

S: How much can we ever know about atonement when there’s a future
T: I took two fingers jabbed them under your lowest rib pulled you towards me to find out what you thought

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