and chaos
a one-way process
achieved by energy input
to counter the pull to entropy
Rare exceptions to this inevitability
creativity of natural change processes
and their socio-cultural counterparts
where negentropy is the key power
with  evolution and development
the  driving, directional force
of futures-in-the-making
gathering up all past
directed towards  
new order
open to a future
unpredictably unique
Art and creativity the path
that impacts the scientific way’s
ontology, epistemology & methodology
Order in an interdependent world impossible
to achieve without a shift towards creative modes
of knowing, being and acting in global connectedness
where everything matters & impacts on everything else
In age of Anthropocene where humans change nature
the meaning of order is changing from static state
to temporal directional process requiring new
creative means to engage with the systemic
nature of global interchanges that ripple
outwards with impacts somewhere
sometime in some unknowable
not yet, where chaos & order
are  brought together as
combined  unit of
© Barbara Adam
08 November 2020
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