Order and it's others

and it Others:
Disorder and Chaos
Order helps to know
futures both near and far
It is not a state but a process
requiring constant effort & input
persistence & maintenance-diligence
to hold at bay disorder and chaos
roots to unpredictable futures
which make life so difficult
for our projective being
as order eases living
Order is comforting
providing limited control
as long as it is maintained and
approached as an on-going process
that is easily lost to disorder and chaos
Disorder still allows for back-tracing
Chaos is total & uncompromising
enforcing a fresh beginning
as threat & opportunity
Order’s others destroy
predictability of any future
whether unwanted or deliberate
Creative destruction requires daring
and a can-do approach to the unknown
that trusts in the unpredictable future
as a wellspring of hope & exaltation
which would be extinguished by
any order taken to extreme
© Barbara Adam
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