Waiting in for movement –
Somewhere on child protection patrol in England and Wales is a social worker.

‘They too easily become unable to mean their own language, as when a “peace movement” becomes violent. They often become too specialized, as if finally they cannot help taking refuge in the pinhole vision of the institutional intellectuals. They almost always fail to be radical enough, dealing finally in effects rather than causes.’

Wendell Berry in distrust of Movements

Knocking on every fifth door in algo-rhythm, house to house. A necessarily preemptive exercise.

Research :
21% of all children are referred to government protection agencies and of those 6 % are investigated for child protection risks by the time they are 5 years old. (Andy Bilson 2018)

In and out with the pin, hole through the population risk map. That Circle is not Widening ⚫

One day, in an act of curiosity, the social worker unwinding some knowing, becoming tender to what is becoming, turns their head and sees a cafe in that place, at the crossroads on the corner of the street. It is a meeting place, where in the course of living children and families pass by.

‘A café in the distance
I see it now as a tree
Its roof made of branches and leaves Chairs made of wood.
The people who go there like to sit down Lightly, on the branches.’
Adul Kareem Kasid

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