Let’s Draw a Pretty Picture

The time is drawing near, drawing closer to the apocalypse, and we are drawing away from reality, drawing toward extinction.
We must not be drawn in or aside, drawing blinds across our eyes, but be drawn out of ourselves, all drawing together, drawing strength in unity of purpose.
Let’s not draw a dirty picture, let’s draw a pretty one.

– Nancy Spero


To each dimension, as, with flight of time, it disappears from view, we should say: now you are becoming the Past. But possibly later at a critical – perhaps fortunate – moment we may meet again on a new dimension, and once again you may become the Present.
– Paul Klee

Spitfires, DNA, Koi

Latency = Becoming (without the clichéd post everything post avant-garde nonsense fashion thing)
Latency is what TS Elliot knows about
Latency is process
Latency allows for more time
Latency is where the magic happens
Latency is flux
Latency asks not to be identified
Latency is pencil, oil, ink, glycerin, pigment, carbon, charcoal, and cotton and lignin free cellulose paper all waiting to see who will fix first
Latency is the unspoken potential in my utterance
Latency is what I haven’t yet turned into knowledge from the action I was and wasn’t a part of
Latency is more exciting than my favourite emergent strategies book
Latency is what I get up for in the morning
Latency is all the brilliant things that haven’t happened yet
Latency is not the crap that hasn’t happened yet
That crap doesn’t belong to me
That crap isn’t getting my attention
That crap is not my friend
That crap is not able to play with latency
Latency is so deeply healthy when in its own balance it wants for nothing
Latency is what gives us the tools for increasing interdependence and decentralization
Latency is the consciousness to the environment around me that sustains life

– Seth Oliver 04102019

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