T: Picture yourself in the future
S: Without imagery imagination roams where?

T: Situated in the thick present
S: Of now next

T: Bumped by your rule of thumb, fell on the way to the garden shed
S: Compound interest without all thats wild fighting for attention

T: Narratives of progress fell to ash
S: Make space, share fire and refine how we follow

T: Respectfully cock your neck, angle towards it. See the pattern.
S: Make love like soil smells, without its roots, remembering

T: When we speak we are justifiably afraid of the echo and how those utterances might change us
S: As we merge through breath in and out of our selves, in and out of you

T: The dotted lines of your absence speak to me. You are wild.
S: I listen with all my might and still only hear movement

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