T: Conformist position
S: Shape my affection

T: Tumbling over because you poked me in the armpit
S: It seems ok to lie these days when a screen is your only witness hey

T: When I drew a circle in the sand the granules cut my finger
S: I wander what Belinda Carlisle is doing these days

T: I stayed smiling at your face, you smiled back, and I cloaked myself in ivy and green leaves
S: Are you sure that was me? I certainly wanted to give you a sign, and yet I felt paralysed..so when did that happen?

T: I walked around, I tried to find the correct words of compliance isn’t it a thing to be in agreement
S: I suppose I’d imagined we might try to make matter match up with the thing we cared for once we’d established why only you and I were trapped by it

T: Captured by turning
S: Feeling the gaze of the very same blackbird on our maquette reminding us how much lighter our focus is wanting to become

T: When you know spirals are real splurges of truth kicked at the heel
S: Our future truth is a whole load more tangible than the lack of being present with those we no longer know how to trust

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