The Not Yet
Shapes & hones
Tries, tempts, tests
Idea and matter fused
Process & product unified
Developed in interdependency
Past features as inescapable guide
Fundamentally implicated in outcome
Vision tempered by past-present actualities
The potential, probable, preferable considered
Against the seemingly impossible, the unobtainable
Mind moving freely between pasts, presents and futures
All imagined, all conjured and played with, all contemplated
Temporality and futurity key to decisions in radical uncertainty
Granting reality status to processes and the as yet unrealised
Increasing complexity with decreasing control over effects
Inescapable interdependency requires an ethical stance
Engaging not yet materialized processes in progress
Creating both present futures & future presents
Responsibility in contexts of non-knowledge
Accompanies designs to potential impact
Bears in mind interests of successors
Keeps open their potential choices
Interactions as change-processes
Shift emphases from function
To process and becoming
Drawing the immaterial
Towards potential life
Tempered matter
Is actualized

© Barbara Adam
April 2017
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